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Being based in the heart of the industrial city of Birmingham, it’s hard for us to not be influenced by design and furniture that appeared from warehouses and factories. Industrial design is simple and sustainable, and fits just as well in a modern home as it does in an industrial setting.

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Mid century design ranges from the tubular steelwork of Marcel Breuer to the classic wooden spindles of Lucian Ercolani. Representing a new age in design and craftsmanship and often influenced by social factors at the time, mid century furniture widely varies from country to country and decade to decade. However, good design never gets old and mid century furniture is still as prominent today as it was in the 20th century.

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To do list

Literally our to do list. A list of items we are planning to restore to their former glory. Available to buy in  their current condition if you fancy a little project of your own.

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Bespoke pieces are designed specifically with the clients wants and needs in mind. Offering this one-to-one service provides the client with a tailored piece of furniture to benefit them on a daily basis.



Offering CNC production services alongside design, consultation and construction.

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